Jul 212016

So you’ve decided on a tallit, but what about a tallit bag? Do you really need one? How much should you spend? Does it have to match the tallit? What about custom letter embroidery?

Velvet Tallit Bag

Velvet tallit bag: You get what you pay for.

Dark velvet tallit bags are the old standby option. If you buy a traditional wool tallit, you don’t have to have a matching bag per se. Keep in mind that with velvet tallit bags, you get what you pay for. Bags under $20 will do the job, but tallit bags with high quality velvet, typically $20-$40, look and feel nicer.

Recently we received an inquiry from someone by the name of Donnovan with a series of questions about tallit bags. We’re copying the questions and answers here for all of you with similar questions.

If I were to buy a tallit, I would also have to buy a tallit bag I realized. If I buy a tallit bag, do I then I have to buy a plastic cover? I don’t have a plastic cover. If I lived in the Pacific Northwest I might want one, but I don’t really see it’s necessary. A lot of people use the plastic covers primarily on weekdays, to house both their tallit (in a velvet tallit bag) and tefillin (in a velvet tefillin bag).

Can you buy the plastic bag cover by itself? Yes. You can find it here.

Do you need to buy a bag if you want to get a plastic tote? Sounds a bit odd to me to use just the plastic, but you’re free to do as you please.

I like your wool bags, but everyone seems to have velvet bags. The wool bags are not great quality, are not very roomy and don’t have a zipper. You’re right, everybody does seem to have a velvet bag. If you want something lighter in color, linen bags seem to be gaining popularity lately.

Does everyone have a bag for their tallit?​ Just about everybody. It gives honor to a mitzvah object.