Mar 312014

Our tzitzit t-shirt has been gaining popularity. Although some companies market it as a revolutionary new concept, it has been sold in Israel and France for close to a decade. The design is fairly similar to the very popular and now widespread Neatzit, except that the Neatzit (also known by various other names, including PerfTzitz and TrimTzitz) is meant to be worn as an undershirt, whereas the tzitzit t-shirt is just that: a t-shirt with tzitzit designed to be worn alone.

T-shirt with Tzitzit The concept was endorsed by the late Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu zt”l, the late chief rabbi of Israel, and one of the manufacturers told me the late Rabbi Eliashiv also gave his approval. According to halacha, a garment is required to have tzitzit attached if it is open more than half-way up the sides. The TzitzShirt is open almost all the way to the sleeve, but while worn the sides are closed with three discreet snaps.

Of course the tzitzit t-shirt can also be worn as an undershirt, which means you can wear it as an undershirt, and when you hit the basketball court, the tennis court, during your morning jog or just sitting in the yard on a hot day you can slip off your shirt without feeling too exposed and without having to be sans tzitzit.

We sell the tzitzit in both men’s and boys’ sizes in white, blue and gray. Black is also available, by request.

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