May 292012

Mezuzah ScrollMezuzah scrolls – sometimes referred to as mezuzah parchments – come in 6 cm, 7 cm and 10 cm, and in recent years 12 cm and 15 cm came into vogue in certain Orthodox communities. The 6 cm is 2.4 inches, but some sellers refer to it as 2.5.

If your mezuzah case is around 2.5 inches the 2.4 inch mezuzah scroll will work fine, but if you can fit in a 2.8 inch scroll (or buy a new case), you’ll be better off, because the writing is better. Even the 2.8 inch scroll is hard for a sofer (scribe) to write, and the 2.4 is even harder. When I speak to local sofrim they are often amazed to hear it’s possible to write a 6 cm or 7 cm mezuzah scroll.

But our mezuzah scrolls are supplied by a sofrus expert I trust implicitly. Rabbi Shmuel Rosenfeld has over 20 years experience supervising the writing of mezuzah scrolls, Torah scrolls and tefillin, and he has close ties with some of Jerusalem’s top rabbinical experts in the field.

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