Apr 192012

For those of you who would like detailed information on Radzin techelet tzitzit from a Chassidic – primarily Breslov – angle, I recommend the link at the bottom of this page, including the comments, which also offer a wealth of information.

Radzyn techelet stringsI also recently came across a question to a Modern Orthodox rabbi posed by a young man who was convinced Radzin techelet is the true techelet dye, though most techelet proponents side with Ptil Tekhelet.

In any case, as Kitrossky notes at the end of his article (see link below), it’s unfortunate when people delving into the techelet issue turn it into a debate between chassidim and misnagdim.

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Read more:

Rebbe Nachman and Radzin Techelet – be sure to read the comments as well
Do We Know Tekhelet by Levi Kitrossky – thorough background article discussing both Ptil Tekhelet and Radzin Techelet

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