Jul 202011

Does your tallit go slip-sliding off the sides of your shoulders every few minutes?

When you’re trying to focus on tefilah, this can be an annoying distraction. Some people get used to adjusting the tallit on their shoulders without thinking, but others look for a way to prevent “tallit slippage.”

Some turn to tallit clips, but the truth is that tallit clips are not the solution. They add a certain flare and keep your tallit in place in front, but won’t keep it on your shoulders.

Another solution is to look for a tallit with a special waffle fabric (e.g. Tashbetz). At a glance it looks like a normal tallit, but from close up you can make out a grid-like weave which many tallit dealers refer to as “non-slip.”

Recently I spoke with a veteran tallit dealer who thinks the lightweight tallits (“Kalil“) stay put best, and I think stiff, heavy tallits (i.e. Turkish) should stay on your shoulders, too.

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