Mar 192012

A dentist in Dearborn, Michigan says his job dismissal was based on anti-Semitism.

In a federal suit, Dr. Mark Ellis alleged he was told not to wear a yarmulke or tzitzit while on the job at Midwestern Dental of Dearborn, where he was a dental manager, “since the office was located in Dearborn with a large percentage of Arabic [Arab] patients,” according to a report in The Detroit News cited by UPI.

Hijab Yes, Tzitzit and Kippah No

In the suit Ellis claimed the firm “permitted Muslim dentists to wear head covering or other clothing dictated by their religious beliefs,” but did not want him to come to work wearing tzitzit or a kippah.

Ellis argued that his civil rights were violated because he was discriminated against for his religion.

Ellis also alleged he asked his boss to change his Friday work schedule so he could arrive home before dark. The “defendant reluctantly allowed plaintiff to leave early on Friday,” Ellis said, “but constantly questioned, ridiculed and harassed him about the legitimacy of his beliefs.”

Meanwhile Muslim dentists were allowed “an extra hour at lunch to attend prayers at a local mosque.”

Muslim Law Forbids Kippah-Like Head Covering

As an interesting side note, Muslim law forbids men from wearing a head covering that resembles a kippah (yarmulke). According to IslamWeb, “As for the cap or hat, it is lawful to put it on the head whether or not it covers the whole head or only part of it, provided it does not resemble the Jewish cap or hat [i.e. kippah] because it is forbidden, as symbols of a non-believer’s religion should not be respected or carried out by Muslims.”


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