Nov 272015

Most traditional wool tallits are 100% wool, but the Malchut Wool Nonslip Tallit takes the meaning of “all wool” to a new level. On many high-end wool tallits, the corner squares are also made of wool (as opposed to synthetic or cotton). On the Malchut Tallit, not only are the corner patches made of wool, but even the atara (neckband) is made of wool. The only two tallits I know of that have a wool atara are the white-striped Malchut, made by Talitnia, and the Beit Yosef Tallit (and Beit Yosef Prestige and Beit Yosef Tashbetz), made by Mishkan Hatchelet.

Interlaced fringesMost dealers would probably agree that the Beit Yosef has a higher quality weave, but the Malchut has two rows of interlaced fringes, which is typically found on more expensive tallits.

Black-Striped Malchut Wool Tallit

All of the above applies to the white-striped Malchut Tallit. The black-striped Malchus Tallis has the same weave, but has standard fringes and a regular synthetic atara. Similar to Tallit Hamefoar, made by Mishkan Hatchelet, it is less expensive and a bit lighter.


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