Aug 052013

If you are looking for a white-on-white tallit, two of the most popular options are the Malchut Tallit, by Talitnia, and the Beit Yosef, by Mishkan Hatchelet.

Malchut Tallit

Malchut by Talitnia

Note that the Malchut Tallit is only available in Sizes 60, 70, 80 and sometimes 90, so if you need a smaller size, e.g. 45, 50 or 55, you’ll have to choose a different talit. On the other hand, the Beit Yosef Tallit is available in sizes 45, 50 and 55.

Beit Yosef & Malchut Tallit: Wool from top to bottom

Both the Beit Yosef and the Malchut tallitot are distinctive in that they are all-wool, including the corners, striping and atara. The Malchut Tallit features attractive braided fringes. The Beit Yosef Talit is available with fabulous netted fringes by special request, but be prepared to spend an extra $40. The Malchut Tallit is made of a lighter fabric than the Beit Yosef.

A third option is the Tashbetz Tallit, which is also made by Mishkan Hatchelet. The Tashbetz is a very popular lightweight, nonslip tallit, usually sold with black stripes or light blue stripes, but the Tashbetz Tallit also comes in a white-on-white version that looks fairly similar to the Malchut Tallit, but with standard fringes.

The truth is that all three of these options stay in place well, so you are free to choose whether you want a standard weight tallit (Beit Yosef) or lightweight (Malchut or Tashbetz), and which type of fringes you prefer.

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