Jul 112014

UPDATE: All of these tefillin have now been returned to their owners. The story of how the tefillin owners were found is a good read in and of itself.


We are posting the following as a “public service message.”


Subject: Lost tefillin in unclaimed baggage store in Alabama

HELP! HELP! HELP! Hashovas Aveida!

We went to a store today in Alabama that sells unclaimed baggage from all over the world.
We found Tefillin!!! People are missing their tefillin! Most were probably left on airplanes or at airports.

Please send on all around the world and if these lost tefillin are yours please email pillows123@gmail.com to claim them!

LostTefillin-1 LostTefillin-3 LostTefillin-4 LostTefillin-5 LostTefillin-2 Lost Tefillin

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