Dec 292017

Although we often add custom letter embroidery to tallit bags, we rarely put letters directly on a tallit. One of the reasons is that there simply is no obvious place where lettering looks right.

For those who really want letter embroidery on the tallit itself, we normally put initials or a short name on one of the front corners.

When selecting a bag, keep in mind that you get what you pay for in terms of the quality of the fabric and the caliber of the embroidery. When shopping on the Web, most people are attracted to a design that appeals to them because they it’s difficult to discern the quality of materials and workmanship when looking at a computer screen.

Usually custom letter embroidery is done by machine, although occasionally we have it done by hand.

The stitches are different

The most significant difference between handmade and machine-made embroidery lies in the stitching process. Handmade embroidery allows for a range of stitches in a thread of varying thicknesses, and every piece is unique. Machine embroidery is completely consistent, meaning  each piece is virtually identical to the next. One of the advantages of machine embroidery is the accuracy of placement. It’s a look of work to get it centered properly, whereas when the design is created on a computer screen, it’s hard to go wrong, so most people opt to have the work done on a specialized and accurate embroidery machine..

Difference in appearance

Red white and blue sewing thread on a wooden desk at a factory

Photo by Igor Ovsyannykov

According to Cassie Steele, high-quality handmade embroidery appears almost alive because of the personal touches added by the artist, who is often a master at his or her craft. While accurate, a machine is unable to add passion to its work, often leaving it looking dull and lifeless. With handmade embroidery, you will never find two pieces that look exactly the same whereas a machine can make thousands of identical copies of the same item.

The threads are different

Pure silk is often used for handmade embroidery but it can’t be used in machines because it is prone to breakage. The thinner the thread used for embroidery, the more detail is possible.

Handmade embroidery is a very time-consuming task which requires superb craftsmanship, making it more valuable than mass-produced articles. If you are looking for a tallit bag of exceptional value that can be treasured for many years, consider handmade embroidery. On the other hand, machine embroidered articles have their own appeal and offer affordable options.