Mar 292015

For our customers looking for a lightweight tallit we recommend the Tashbetz, but some people want a tallit on the heavy side, a tallit they can really feel on their shoulders. This week we got an inquiry from a customer who bought a tallit from us a few years ago, and now he’s thinking of getting a heavy tallit, but he was a bit concerned about the heat factor.

Hi Ben,
Is the Echt Turkish tallit very warm? Is it suitable for summer?
Best, Greg

I told Greg that while the Echt Turkish is a heavy tallit, some people do wear it in summer. Some shuls blast the air conditioner all summer, so if you don’t wear it walking to and from shul, it doesn’t make much of a difference. And since it’s worn loosely, some people don’t feel added warmth. It’s really a personal thing.

I have a lot of customers who insist on a very lightweight tallit. Personally I think it may be a bit imagined in some cases. You know, people hear the word “wool” and immediately start feeling hot. The truth is wool worn loosely works well in the heat. There are a lot of desert dwellers who wear wool. In my shul the air conditioner is often barely running and often I wear the tallit over my head and wear it to and from shul, so for summer use I have a lightweight tallit.

Postscript: My reply to Greg apparently was persuasive. He ordered an Echt Turkish with a silver atara. But truth be told, personally for my next Shabbos tallis I’m still debating between the Kmo Turkish and the Echt Turkish.

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