Dec 012012

A tallit is a very individual item meant to help you forge a tight connection with your Maker during prayer, so it has to feel right on your shoulders. Obviously part of finding the right tallit means the colors are you, and if your color is green, finding the right tallit may be challenging. We sell a Mishkan Hatchelet tallit with a bit of green in the striping. Not a very strong shade of green, but definitely noticeable. We can’t always get it in all sizes, so be sure to check with us before you place an order. It’s known as the Bareket Green Tallit.

Gray and Green Tallit

Gabrieli's Emerald Green Tallit

If turquoise counts as a green tallit, Mishkan Hatchelet also makes a tallit with gray and turquoise striping. This tallit is also a traditional wool tallit and is known as the Maalot Gray & Turquoise Tallit.

Handmade Green Tallit

For those looking for a less conventional tallit, Gabrieli makes a spectacular green tallit with a gorgeous combination of green and teal. Handwoven in Israel, the Gabrieli Emerald Green Tallit has spectacular colors and a unique look. We currently have a 40 x 80 inch set in stock. If you need another size it has to be custom ordered, which takes 5-8 weeks.

Finally, Galilee Silks makes a handmade wool tallit with blue and green striping. The Galilee Classic Blue & Green Tallit has the look of a traditional tallit, but all of the decorative work is done by hand.

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