Apr 252012

Our classic wool tallits are not handmade, but we can make various modifications. For instance, last week a customer ordered a tallit that comes with a plain atara (neckband) and he asked us to put on an atara with the Tzitzit Brachah embroidered on it. And this week another customer wanted his name embroidered on the atara itself. He told me this is quite common in his congregation.

Embroidery on the atara

Name embroidery in HebrewWhen it comes to custom embroidery on the atara, the question is what the atara looks like. In the case of handmade tallits, sometimes the atara has fabulous striping that leaves no room for letter embroidery. But usually, working with the tallit maker or with our own in-house embroiderer, we can come up with a solution.

For those who just want the tallit personalized slightly, we can embroider two or three initials on the corner. So that the embroidery does not show through backwards on the opposite side, our embroiderer removes the corner reinforcement, embroiders on it and then sews it back on so that the reverse embroidery does not show.

Embroidery on the tallit bag

And of course the simplest option is to just keep the embroidery on the tallit bag. If theres no room for it on the front, we can put the embroidery on the back.

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