Apr 092011

A few weeks ago a bride by the name of Mandy contacted me with an interesting idea for her chuppah. Either for sentimental reasons or economic reasons or both, she wanted to buy a handmade tallit to be used as her chuppah, and afterwards she would give it to her husband-to-be to use as his tallit.

I spoke with a tallit designer I work with, Shlomit Azati, and she told me she could add loops to the corners to enable the tallit to be hung easily and that they would be easy to remove after the wedding. I liked the chuppah idea, because a regular size tallit is not particularly roomy when used as a chuppah, but the loops would enable her to maximize its dimensions.

Mandy the kallah told me only the bride, the groom and the rabbi would be standing under the chuppah, so a tallit should suffice.

She also mentioned that since her dress was off-white, she was looking for a cream chuppah. I suggested the White Wool Classic. She just received it and was delighted. “I just wanted to let you know that we got the tallit just fine and it is so beautiful!” Mandy wrote me. Her chuppah idea seems to be working out.

The wedding is now just a few days away. Mazel tov to Mandy the kallah!

For a detailed guide explaining how to use a tallit as a chuppah, refer to this page.

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