Nov 192012

What is Chabad’s stance on whether Murex trunculus is the correct source for techeles? In a word, Lubavitch does not hold by it. For the most part, they continue to wear all-white tzitzit pending “the coming of Moshiach, when Elijah himself will guide us in uncovering the identity of the chilazon.” This position may be based on the teachings of Rav Sholom DovBer (1860-1920), the fifth Rebbe of Lubavitch, who held that according to Kabbala the chilazon will not reappear until the coming of Moshiach.

We recently received an inquiry from a Jew who apparently has grown close to his local Chabad kehilah. He was interested in buying a Chabad tallis, and sent us the following inquiry: “…Is it ok to have techelet tzitzit or is all white a better option for Chabad? I’m not sure if the blue is kosher.”

Chabad on techelet tzitzit

Techelet tzitzit tied according to the Arizal

Tzitzit with techelet are definitely kosher, but there is a stiff debate in the Orthodox community whether it’s a good idea. For the most part the debate is over Ptil Tekhelet (which is quite expensive, although I believe my price is just about the best available). Most people agree that it has been clearly demonstrated Radzyn Techelet is not the genuine blue dye referred to in the Torah.

Regarding Ptil Tekhelet there is a stiff, ongoing debate. I have a negia, a personal interest in selling techelet, so maybe I’m not the right person to ask. But the truth is that Lubavitch chassidim do not wear Ptil Tekhelet – although I assume there are some exceptions here and there. If you know of any, please drop us a note!


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