Mar 012015

In Israel, Mishkan Hatchelet and Talitania (or “Talitnia”) have been bitter rivals for decades. When one comes out with a new design, the other is sure to market a similar tallit. Talitania’s “David” is very close to Mishkan Hatchelet’s “Tashbetz”, the Malchut Tallit is similar to the Beit Yosef Tallit and both companies make the Bnei Ohr Tallit.

But Talitania has succeeded in making a superb product that no one seems to be able to imitate: the Carmel Tallit.

Have you ever seen one of those very substantial, impressive, colorful handmade tallits? At weaving studios like Gabrieli and Canaan Gallery they actually sit down at an old-fashioned loom and weave all day. The tallits that come off the looms are striking and quite beautiful, but they cost a pretty penny. Gabrieli probably produces the most affordable handwoven tallits, but a full-size piece will set you back at least $350, and many handwoven tallits can cost $400-$600 or more.

For some people, the turnaround time is also an issue: In most cases you need to order a handwoven tallit 5-10 weeks in advance, which can pose a real problem for bar mitzvah boys or wedding grooms who need to have the tallit at their doorstep within a few weeks.

The Carmel Tallit is woven by machine, but features a fabulous weave that resembles its handwoven counterparts. At a recent visit to Talitania’s Bnei Brak distribution center, we were so impressed with the Carmel Tallit that we decided to start offering it on our webstore. Take a look!

Carmel Tallit – Prices & Details>>>

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