Jun 112013

For no known reason we’ve gotten a flurry of orders from Teaneck, New Jersey. Is this one of those mysterious flukes of nature in the Google search engine? Has Ben’s Tallit Shop become the talk of the town outside of every shul when people gather after tefillahs?

Township of TeaneckIf any tallit buyers or tallit shoppers from New Jersey can offer an explanation for this phenomenon, I would be happy to hear your theory. My working hypothesis is most Jewish communities in New Jersey are not quite dense enough to support a Judaica store that has a large selection of tallit to buy, therefore when Teaneck Jews and other New Jerseyans decide to buy a tallit, they take a look online.

From what I can tell from their tallit and tzitzit choices, the Teaneck tallit buyers have been Orthodox, not Conservative, but I’m not 100% sure about that.

Another possible explanation is that the New Jersey Jewish population is relatively young, which means they have a lot of bar mitzvahs and weddings taking place, and that accounts for a number of tallit buyers.

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