Dec 072014

If you want a traditional tallit, unless you’re on a shoestring budget, make sure it’s wool. A wool tallit looks nicer, lasts longer, feels better and is considered superior from a halachic standpoint.

Buy Blue-Striped TallitMany Sephardim have a custom of wearing a white-striped tallit, Ashkenazi traditionalists will stick with black stripes, but the blue-striped wool tallit is also very common. In fact, according to some opinions, originally the tallit had blue stripes, which later morphed to black.

A blue-striped tallit with silver pinstripes is definitely very popular, although some people prefer gold pinstripes and others want blue striping with nothing else.

The standard blue-striped tallit often comes with a simple white atara (neckband), whereas blue-gold and blue-silver tallits, which are considered slightly more modern, come with the Tzitzit Blessing on the atara.

Mishkan Hatchelet recently started making a traditional wool tallit with very dark blue stripes, that are close to black. It’s definitely a very nice tallis, but the striping is probably too dark for most people who had blue in mind.

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