May 082014

Once I received an inquiry from a savvy eBay shopper who claims to have come across a Beit Yosef Hamefoar Tallit in a size 50, and wanted to know our price for it. But the truth is the Beit Yosef Hamefoar Tallit is not made in smaller sizes (45, 50, 55) and never has been. I have verified this information with one of the Jerusalem distributors and with a veteran worker at the manufacturer in Be’er Sheva. If you come across this tallit online in sizes 45, 50 or 55, it’s probably due to a technical error. The Beit Yosef Hamefoar is only made in Size 60 and Size 70.

The same applies to the Tashbetz Beit Yosef, which is very similar, but lightweight.

This week we received two requests for the Beit Yosef Hamefoar Tallit in a Size 50. I would suggest those looking for it in smaller sizes (i.e. 45, 50 and 55) opt for one of the following alternatives:

  • The standard Beit Yosef Tallit. If you are looking for a tallit that is not prone to slipping, in my opinion the regular Beit Yosef does the job well for the following reasons: The fabric is fairly weighty, the wool atara is heavier than a standard atara, 3) and there are no satiny stripes.
  • The Tashbetz White-on-White. This features a nonslip waffle-weave and is lightweight.

If you really like the atara on the Beit Yosef (as I do), we can discuss the possibility of adding it to a different tallit.


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