Nov 292015
We often get inquires from parents asking about proper sizing for a bar mitzvah tallit.
​What size do you recommend for a bar mitzvah boy who is under 5 ft. that will STILL fit him properly when he is an adult??  Thanks,  Donna​
I had to tell Donna the truth: she’s asking for the impossible. Imagine going into a clothing store and telling the salesperson you need a suit that will fit your 13-year-old son now and still fit him properly when he’s an adult.

Of course in the case of a tallit, it is somewhat different. Because a tallit is worn loosely, you do have some leeway.

In many cases, the simple answer to the bar mitzvah tallit sizing question is to go with a Size 24. But to be sure, do the following:

  1. Try our Tallit Size Wizard>>
  2. Watch this 30-second bar mitzvah tallit sizing video>>
  3. Contact us, and be sure to tell me whether you are looking for the type of narrow tallit worn on the neck and hanging in front, or the traditional type that drapes down the back
If you are interested in a size 24 tallit, but the bar mitzvah boy is short (say 5′ or under) and you are concerned that a standard size 24 would be too long, we might be able to offer a solution. In most cases a standard size 24, which is about 72 inches long, will work at the bar mitzvah and for many years to come.

A tougher question is in the case of a tallit worn traditional style, draping down the back. If he’s short and you order a size 45, he’s likely to outgrow it within just a few years. But if you buy a larger size (e.g. 50 or 55 or 60) it might be very cumbersome for him to wear at the bar mitzvah and even in the years to come.